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DDNS>Webui SSL Certificate>Server Certificate: "Authorizing”

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Maybe I missed a post about this with a solution, I searched, but no solution was given.

When I try to generate a Let's Encrypt certificate for DDNS I get the message in Webui SSL Certificate>Server Certificate: "Authorizing”, and it just stays that way and does not load a certificate.

Has anyone found a solution?
I've updated to Merlin

3004.388.6 Beta​

and now it says "Unknown or processing", not sure what that means.
Change it to Auto then back to Free Certificate to Let's Encrypt; and Apply in between.

Change it to Auto then back to Free Certificate to Let's Encrypt; and Apply in between.
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I received an error message "Authentication failed. (The current DDNS service unable to process certificate renewal via 80 port from the Internet. Suggest to use ASUS DDNS server instead.)"

Edit: I use NO-IP for my DDNS

Edit 2: I swapped to ASUS.com for my DDNS and the Let's Encrypt certificate loaded.
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I have the same problem; I cannot obtain a new certificate on the GT-AX11100 router with Firmware: 3004.388.6. It doesn't help even when I choose Auto then back to Free Certificate to Let's Encrypt and Apply in between. When I select the Free Certificate from Let's Encrypt, a message appears: Unknown or processing... and I cannot get the certificate.
If you have IPv6 enabled on the router go back into the DDNS settings and disable IPv6 updates.
I never had IPv6 on. I have another issue that is not the topic of this conversation, maybe it is, but now I can no longer add the guest user to Instant Guard.
This is an error from the logs, so it's not a firmware error. The issue is that the rate limit for the DDNS domain for which I am requesting a certificate has been exceeded on Let's Encrypt.

Feb 16 14:43:52 kernel: Create new order error. Le_OrderFinalize not found. {
Feb 16 14:43:52 kernel: "type": "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rateLimited",
Feb 16 14:43:52 kernel: "detail": "Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for \"us.to\". Retry after 2024-02-16T14:00:00Z: see https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/",
Feb 16 14:43:52 kernel: "status": 429
Feb 16 14:43:52 kernel: }

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