1. wheelq

    error while loading shared libraries

    Whenever I try to update/upgrade opkg I'm getting the following response: [email protected]:/usr/lib# opkg update Downloading wget: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ***...
  2. truglodite

    Homeassistant SSH stops working with 384.18

    Lots of folks including myself are using the ssl deamon ssh server on our routers to track wifi connections of our phones (this is used for home automations). Nothing new there, and Homeassistant has a nice asuswrt component that in the past has worked reliably. However, with the latest merlin...
  3. C

    DDNS Let's Encrypt Not Renewing

    Hi, I use noip for DDNS and initially let's encrypt issued a valid cert for me, however it won't renew and if I turn it off and back on it just uses the same cert that expired a few days ago. Anyone know what may be occurring? Thanks
  4. S

    webinteface no https - 384.16_1-geda9010451 on RT-AC88U

    Hello, i'm a n00b on asus - merlin and a beginner few days since a have the asus merlin router. Flashed with ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AC88U 384.16_1-geda9010451 on RT-AC88U. Webinterface Port 80 works and the https port wont work. Make TLS Handshake in firefox but then connection break and no...
  5. xulian

    Let's encript cert and web server

    Hi, Can let's encript cert be used in apache or IIS being running outside of router? thanks
  6. wheelq

    problem setting up VPN between two ASUS routers

    Two of my routers are running on different networks in different locations. I have set up OVPN servers on both routers, and I have exported ovpn profile files from both of them After importing the ovpn profile files I am able to connect to both using tunnelbrick. Both tunnels work fine, which...
  7. dugaduga


    Not sure whats going on here. Began happening today. Happens on many websites. Checked for suspicious certs. Removed and added it again, still occurring. Recently did an entware update which included pixelserv tls 2.1.2. Setting TLS min to 1.2 in both chrome and firefox results in...
  8. D

    SSL Certificate stuck at "Authorizing"

    Hello! I have a wildcard CloudFlare SSL Certificate I imported to replace the LetsEncrypt certificate. On the DDNS page, the status says "Authorizing". What's the problem?
  9. S

    Support zoneedit DDNS with SSL (https)?

    Is it possible to configure to have the zoneedit DDNS connection happen over SSL (https) instead of plain http? The logs currently show it using port 80 (using the latest - 384.4_2 - firmware version): ... ddns_update: connected to ( on port 80. ...
  10. losdelrock

    SSL Certificate Error

    Hi All, not sure if this is specific to the merlinwrt firmware or just all SSL requests passing through AI. If I browse to a blocked category (AI Protection, Parental Controls, Web and app filter) which happens to be an SSL URL, I get a certificate error and the browser is redirected to (actual...
  11. pirx73

    HTTPS access to RT-N66U (merlin's fw)

    If i use HTTPS to access my router's management web page from LAN, i get warning that certificate is invalid, chain broken. In short - default certificate in firmware is incorrect. Also, HTTPS access works very slowly, i suspect due to broken certificate chain. How can i fix that? I understand...