DGND3700 v2 N600 - in AP mode....issues :-(


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Hi Everyone,

My main router is an RT-AC87U and I have connected this via ethernet cable to my old DGND3700 . I disabled DHCP and set the IP address on the DGND3700. Rebooted and both the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz pop up strong.....bandwidth is just a few hairs short of what the RT-AC87U pushes out ( standing right next to the DGND3700 of course!).

So, a few devices connect to it on the opposite side of the house where the signal was too poor with the RT-AC87U, and all is fine and dandy....for about half an hour or so.

Internet connectivity then ceases....but signal still strong. I try and reconnect and then takes ages to resolve the connection on a laptop....it connects but then no internet access. On handhelds ....the connection attempt times out.

There's only about 4 devices connecting to the DGND3700 like this.....in total though - the RT-AC87U has about 15 other devices connected to it wirelessly (Streaming sticks, phones, laptops, printers, tablets).

Any suggestions on what's the issue here? Too optimistic about the AP capabilities on the old DGND3700?


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Hi Netgear Guy,

Sorry for the delay - been away the last 2 days on business. No I am UK based, FW is V1.1.00.12_1.00.12


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Very weird. The firmware appeared to have completed the update but after a reboot it still shows the same version. I tried the non NA version. .


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As far as I can see, v1.1.00.12 was for North America only. If you still have this version running, can you check if there is support for Europe wireless region?

If you have North America fw running, please try which is the latest version for NA region.

Let me know if any issues...

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