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Odd SSID with RT-AX86U in AP mode?

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I've been upgrading my Asus mesh system, recently upgrading the primary router to an RT-AX88U Pro. I reset an RT-AX82U and was finally able to get it set up as an AP node (hardwired backhaul). This morning, I did the same with an RT-AX86U as I wanted to give the RT-AX88U Pro a week or so to function without issue before relegating the RT-AX86U into mesh node operation.

Prior to completing the addition of the RT-AX86U into the mesh network, I ran NetSpot in order to gain a feel for WiFi signal level of the various routers- before and after the addition. Before the addition, I was able to "see" the two routers- different signal strength results as expected- and sharing the same SSID throughout (I have not separated my 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands).

After adding the RT-AX86U I again looked at the NetSpot output and, although I was/am able to see that it is being detected (much better signal strength as it is physically located very close to the testing computer), the SSID is reported as "ASUS_70" (as opposed to my home network SSID).

The main router software GUI shows the RT-AX86U as being connected and an active part of the mesh network and multiple clients have connected to it- both to the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands.

I'm curious why this mesh AP node doesn't share the main SSID (as does the other mesh AP node)? I don't think there is any issue- security or otherwise- as WiFi devices such as my iPhone and iPad don't "see" the "ASUS_70" SSID within the "Other Networks" section of the WiFi settings area.

I almost wonder if, when I reset the RT-AX86U (I manually reset using the reset button and saw the power button begin blinking), if it didn't actually fully reset? Within NetSpot I also see a Guest Network SSID that had been associated with that router and is different than the name I selected for the guest network with the RT-AX88U Pro. That suggests there is information that wasn't erased when I reset (or at least thought I reset) the RT-AX86U.

Any thoughts concerning what I'm seeing? Is there a logical explanation as to why the SSID being broadcast by the RT-AX86U AP node is different than the one associated with my WiFi network (but presumably being used successfully by multiple clients)? Although NetSpot "sees" and reports that "ASUS_70" SSID, devices that actually attach to a network don't "see" that SSID but, are linked to that AP node as reported by the Asus router software GUI.

Help me with an answer(s) and whether I need to change anything given what I am seeing! Thanks.
Do a hard factory reset on the AX86U: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1039078/

Thanks. I had, in fact, not fully reset the AX86U.

Deleted it from the mesh network, went through the process of re-adding, and it is now showing the SSID consistent with the main router and other mesh node. I don't know if the way it was broadcasting its SSID impacted anything from a connectivity perspective as it was being reporting that wireless devices were connected to it, but it's now consistent with the entire setup.

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