Diversion Diversion and Adobe (Creative Cloud) apps

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This worked perfectly! So, in case anyone has the same problem in the future, the domain needed for adobe lightroom cc to work is: api.branch.io
This is from an older thread that has been closed, so I decided to open a new one.

I had Premiere Pro crashing at launch for several months and couldn't identify the problem; the Adobe "support" was totally useless until I accidentally got in contact with a Senior Engineering Manager who helped me find the reason of this crash.
Basically Premiere Pro was trying to download and process a file, and because it was blocked by Diversion and replaced by pixelserv-tls, Premiere crashed while trying to process it. In my case the domain that needed to be whitelisted was api2.branch.io. In case anyone else encounters the same problem (seems to be quite rare as I found no mention of this solution anywhere else).

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