Dualwan routing rules using both wan

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Anyone know if it's possible to make one device using both wan while other devices go through one specific wan?

Right now I set my pc to go through WAN1 (rule 1) and the whole LAN ip range to go through WAN2 (rule 2). Since rule 1 has higher priority, my pc still goes through WAN1 as planned.

I would like to let me NAS to use both wan but there isn't an option in the webui. Is it possible to exclude my NAS's ip from the whole ip range or is there any other way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.


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If your NAS doesn't match rule1 and rule2 it will then use both wan. So you have to rewrite rule2 so that it is not the whole ip range (either you use a small range and make sure the NAS is outside, either you create multiple rules to cover the whole range except the NAS)

It's a pain because of the way you can specify the range, it would be much easier with start ip and end ip...


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Yea I was thinking about using multiple rules to cover the whole range but I wish there is a more elegant solution to this problem. And IIRC the dualwan part is closed source so unfortunately only asus can fix this.

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