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Edge Router with UniFi AP not giving internet access to Windows Computers

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New Around Here
I am not 100% sure if I am posting in the right place because I am EXTREMELY new to this website. I have a little problem. Just recently I installed an EdgeRouter POE device into my network. The router has a POE UniFi AP plugged into it and powered.

I have 5G WIFI and 2G. What I noticed is that my wifi works on all devices except for Windows (and occasionally Android for a few seconds). All of our apple devices work and the Alexa connects too.

I searched the Internet high and low. I tried doing all the command line stuff and flushing the DNS. I also tried updating the network drivers. I had no luck. If anyone here knows a fix I will greatly appreciate you trying to explain this in layman's terms if possible. I am still new to networking.


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