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ET8 Performance Settings

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New Around Here
I had to factory reset my ET8's.

Before the reset on my iPhone Wifi speeds from a 1 gig fiber connection were over 800 meg. SInce doing the factory reset I am having a hard time hitting 600.

On the ET8 with the bult in speed test I am showing 940 down and 960 up, so it appears the speed is getting to the router.

I remember before I had to do a bunch of changes on the ET8 to get faster wifi to my iPhone (which is WIFI 6 not 6E) in the WIFI settings Screen and on the Professional Setting Page.

For Backhaul I am using wired and set to use wired only.

Before I found a page here or at Dongs which had a good walkthrough of what the best settings should be, but I can not find it now.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

NOTE: Didn't read the above, just spent 0.01 seconds to search for you.
Dong Knows Ads.


NOTE: Didn't read the above, just spent 0.01 seconds to search for you.
Thanks, that is for how to properly setup Mesh and have proper handoffs between units.

There was one that gave optimal settings such as WMM settings, Airtime fairness, and other settings in the professional screen. I just cant find that now. As I said before the factory reset I was getting over 800 meg down and now just over 600 since the reset (and yes QOS is off)

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