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Extend range WRT350N

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I want extend range my network forward and back of my house.

I have a WRT350N which I do not like with the firmware Linksys.

The main router in the office needs as function: FTP access on HD with the storage link (USB), 11N dual band (for the futur), stability (better than the 350N), printing server for my HP2605DTN, excellent security, speed, port gigabits.

At present, I have a CAT6 which crosses the house of the front towards the back. So, I believe I can install the set in mode repeater with 2 routers connected in CAT6.

My wifi card on my laptop is Intel 4965AGN and 82566MC gigabit network connection.

The router must be excellent for the VOIP with FIDO UNO.

Is it possible to install a totally transparent system when I change zone with my laptop or my cellphone ( VOIP)?

Have you suggestions?

My plan:
wired and wireless client (back house (office)(HD(USB), Printer(cat6), Scanner, Laptop(wired and wifi), UPS) <> WNDR3700 <> wire connection CAT6<> WRT350N <> wired and Wireless client (front house(audio-video(cat6), Laptop(wired and wifi), Cellphone VoIp))

The wrt610N would a better choice? I already find that Netgear is expensive, then Linksys is even more expensive... What are the principal differences?


PS: Excuse my bad english.
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You can help me thiggins with the choice of mix with the WRT350N to extend range and the speed by thinking in the future?

I would like that there is not an incompatibility and that he respects my needs.

If I understand you correctly, you have an Ethernet cable running to the back of the house. All you need to do is connect an access point back there and you'll be all set. You do not need to set up repeating. Repeating is used when you don't have a wired connection between access points.

How To Convert a Wireless Router into an Access Point
How To Add an Access Point to a Wireless Router

If you want "totally transparent" roaming from one AP to the other, set them both to the same SSID. But don't be surprised if your phone stays connected to the first AP that it connects to. Most clients are very "sticky" and stay connected until the signal totally drops out.
What would be the best choice of router for the expension and considering the characteristics that I need? streaming video, reliability, printer server, storage link, VoIp... is important (look my first post)

Is it I would be better to install hard DD-WRT the 350N for a better functioning and a stability?

If I install in mode bridge / repeater, there would be a risk of incompatibility between the WRT350N and the Netgear?
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