Few questions regarding Asus DSL-AC88U

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Just purchased and installed an Asus DSL-AC88U and have some questions:
  1. Is this right that the DSL version doesnt come up Beamforming or Mu-Mimo? Seems weird as they are practically the same unit except the DSL has a modem built in. Bit gutted its missing those features, am I missing out on a lot?
  2. I have both the RT and DSL units and the RT antennas were a bit sturdier so I've swapped them out, however it occured to me these may not be the same antennas? Will it make a difference? (RT unit doesnt work with ADSL so having to sell it)
  3. Could be the antenna issue but im not very impressed with the wifi range (one of the reasons I swapped my BT HH for the asus in first place). Seems about the same as the Home Hub 5 so is there likely an issue or a setting i need to change? Wondering if it could be the antennas?
  4. Following on from the above, can i just swap the antenna while the unit is switched on?
  5. Started messing about with QoS and noticed there isnt a way to priortise my PC/direct ethernet connection where I want online games prioritised. I have to pick the specific PC game i want priortised?
  6. Is there anyway to improve my Ping for online gaming? I already have a direct cat7 shielded ethernet cable from the PC to the router which gave me about 35 with the Home Hub but is now around 200.

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