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Fortigate 50B or 60B VS Zyxel USG 100

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I've been a fan of Zyxel products currenlty own a Zywall 2 Plus and a NWA 3160 and love both products and have been working flawlessly for years. However, my need are changing and need and SSL solution and have been looking at the USG 100. I have a friend that showed me his Fortigate 60B and it looks pretty equal. I've looked and sorry if I may have overlooked but I don't see any reviews of the Fortigate products. So I'm wondering why and if any one has any knowledge I would appreciate it. I'm also aware that Netgear has some products that have been reviewed on this site but I'm not a big NetGear fan.

FortiGate 60b

It seems difficult to find a lot of reviews of the FortiGate 60b.

There is certainly a lot of info on Fortinet themselves, and I know the appliances are very good.

There are a couple of news articles on their site about an award on their products, and also one specifically on the FortiWifi 60b.

Their products: Fortinet Ranked No. 1 in Worldwide UTM Market

FortiWifi 60b: FortiWifi 60b Wins SC Magazine Award

I know that SC Magazine checks out a lot of different appliances, so it's as close to a "review" as I could find. Hope it helps.

The Fortigate 60b is about $200 more than the USG100. Its priced more like the USG200.

Have you looked at the Astaro 110?

BTW, consider firmware upgrades and support when you buy a firewall. Zyxel offers free support and firmware upgrades. Many others do NOT provide these services for free. Sonicwall is a perfect example!

That one is quite the midleading article...."Ranked No. 1 in Worldwide UTM Market" sort of makes one think the title shows their appliance is rated well. Closer inspection of that article shows:
* Fortinet is the overall leader in UTM factory revenue for Q3 2008, ahead of Check Point, Cisco, Crossbeam, Juniper, SonicWALL and others
* Fortinet is the No. 1 vendor in the enterprise UTM ($25K-$49.9K) price band segments for both factory revenue and units shipped
* Fortinet is the overall leader in UTM factory revenue for Western Europe for Q3 2008

So it seems that end of last year their books showed good income. Maybe they had a good deal whiteboxing for an OEM, or some other big sales deal one month.

I've seen a couple of their products over the years, one of my current clients has a 2x office WAN with VPN tunnel using 2 of the units.

I'm not impressed with the SPAM filtering abilities, I had to crank up the IMF in Exchange on this client.

They do seem stable, the VPN tunnel seems stable (I don't hear of internet disconnects or VPN tunnel disconnects from this client)

I could never find what antivirus engine they use to power their "Fortiguard" service.
We have 2 FG-60B's and the AV capabilities of the units are absolutely horrible.

Further, their customer support is wishy-washy at best.

They also do not have competent front-line support reps and you have to escalate to get any real information/help.

Further, we were infected big-time due to their box's failure - it took down our network completely.

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