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Gigabit Router not giving much of a boost over 10/100? Help

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So I went out and bought a new Belkin N+ Wireless router. I was expecting to see a bigger performance difference from my old 10/100 router. File transfer speeds on the old router where around 8-10Mbs. New gigabit router is only 8-13Mbs. I was expecting more, like something in the 20-30Mbs range.

Nics are Gigabit
Using Cat5e and Cat6 Cables

Any thoughts on what the problem could be? Of note: I've noticed that the cables are not necessarily wired the same. Some are wired type A and others type B. I've never had problems mixing the standards before but I'm wondering if gigabit Ethernet is a little more picky.

The problem is not in mixing the cables, I also mix A and B cables. I guess they are not very long as well?

You should look at the devices you connect through the router. The speeds you get are possible, if you have for example a NAS on one of the sides. If this is the case, you may have a look at the NAS charts.

E.g. I get exactly the same speeds as you between a PC with gigabit card and Buffalo Linkstation NAS, also gigabit.
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Are the speeds you are quoting wired or wireless and are they MBytes/sec or Mbits/sec?

How are you measuring the speed?

Also as Valentin said, you need to consider the capabilities of the devices at both ends of the connection.
The Cables are fairly long but should still be within spec. I think the longest would be around 75ft.

I'll take a look at those links you provided. Thanks Tipstir.

I have a Windows Home Server (self Built) with a gigabit nic hooked directly up to the router with a 2ft cat6 cable. 75 Ft away I have a Desktop with a Gigabit Nic. It's directly connected to the router. File Transfer speeds from the WHS to the Desktop are usually around 8 Megabytes / Second. Sometimes it will go as high as 13 Megabytes / Second but it will always throttle down to either 8 or 10 MB/S. I also have a laptop with a gigabit nic. I connected it directly to the router with a 2 foot cat6 and have exactly the same results.
I'm not using anything technical to measure this. I'm usually moving Video files around. The files are 5GB or larger so I open up the details window in Vista and it shows the speed while it copy's.

Anyway... thanks for all the help guys. This is by far one of the best forums I've ever found.
Your cable lengths are fine. Max length is 100M (~330 feet).
Don't start futzing with TCP/IP Registry settings until you look at the basics.

- Are the NICs reporting that they are connecting at gigabit speeds?

- What are the specs (processor, RAM, hard drive) on the WHS and client machines?
Do they have PCI or PCIe gigabit NICs

- Take the switch out and just connect a cable between the WHS and client machine.
You don't need a crossover cable with gigabit NICs. You may have to set static IPs, however.
I had notice that my transfers over gigabit was slowing down.. Was strange? Following the tweaks from Microsoft, and EnterpriseNetwork site checking over the registry and services.msc found the problem.

Now speed transfer from two servers OS I run are where they should be to other two gigabyte desktops OS

Still need to use regedit to add DWORD:

ForwardBufferMemory 80000
NumForwardPackets 60000
MTU 1500 (note if you have DSL make that 1492)

But for the rest you can use SG TCP Optimizer here are my settings on Gig box.

Page1 -

Page2 -

On page 2: If you do torrents these are the settings I've been using for a few years now on one box. You don't want to apply these settings on every box you got in the house.

MaxConnectionsPerServer: 64
MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server: 64

Match the settings in the Torrent Software you use also.

Everything is connect directly to the switches in one location. Cat 5e 50FT, 75FT and 100FT are use for 18 node connections.
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Okay folks fix my problem actually I've increase it max for Gigabyte now its 34MB/s 1.88GB using HTPC SageTV Recordings transfer over 50FT. shown below using Teracopy 256KB


Prior I could only get 6MB/s but prior it was 32MB/s. Just can't mix 100 Megabytes switches with Gigabyte switches need to either be all Gigabyte switches or use a dummy Gigabyte switch which goes from the first GB to the Second GB to MB. Works..

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