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Google OnHub & Asuswrt-Merlin

Discussion in 'ASUS Wireless' started by wrongEl, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. wrongEl

    wrongEl New Around Here

    Oct 29, 2018
    Hi Guys,
    Need some guidance/expert knowledge.

    I am happily using my RT-AC68U for past couple of years running Merlin. I also have my external HDD connected to the router & have enabled Samba as well as MiniDLNA for streaming purposes. I am running OpenVPN server from the router as well.

    Now I have moved to a bigger house & is having range issues. I was thinking about trying out OnHub from Google as there are some deals going on for the TPLink version.

    So my question is, if I switch to OnHub, is there anyway I can still use my trusty old 68U (maybe as a range extender) & also get the additional router features such as openvpn server, access to to the HDD through Samba & MiniDLNA etc? Or will I need to buy a NAS station to achieve this & retire my 68U?

  2. OzarkEdge

    OzarkEdge Part of the Furniture

    Feb 14, 2018
    My apology in advance for my unhelpful commentary... but, I would not put anything Google/Big Data at the core of my data network, even if it is the best thing since sliced bread... not when there are other options.

    If OnHub is "manufactured by ASUS" and "powered and updated by Google", who needs Google? I would try ASUS AiMesh with a new 86U and the existing 68U.

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  3. Greg72

    Greg72 Regular Contributor

    Sep 24, 2019
    Central Illinois
    I would wait to see how your habits are are the new place and how congestion is. Mesh systems use part of the bandwidth unless they have a dedicated band/VLAn for just backhaul. I use just the RT-ac68u in a two story plus basement. I may not get the signal for 5ghz out in my workshop, but still can get 2.4ghz for streaming music through my iPhone out there.

    I get around 300mbps all iver the house if I am not in the office where the 68u is located.

    I had an Engenius EAP-1750h at my ex’s place. You could pick it up at around 175 feet and still get 10mbps pn the 2.4ghz band.