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Media server turns off unused

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I have an rt-ax86u with latest Merlin firmware (thougn this issue was there always). Media server/Samba behaves like it would be shut down, it's invisible for my LG tv and it takes a while gor my PC as well to get in connection with it, like as it would need to turn itself on first.
I have HDD coonected to USB1 and an ssd connected to usb2.
HDD auto-shutdown is turned off. I tried itvwith both usb 2 and usb 3 settings, same behaviour. If I try to find the disk in file manager, first it's not there, but after a few seconds it become visible and usable.
It's invisible on my tv, but if I go to the router admin - mediaserver page and just press apply on the settings without changing anything, it becomes immediately visible and usable for my tv as well. During usage it's working properly, but if I don't use it for a while, it starts the issuevagain. Really like there would be some shutdown timer, but I can't find any.

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Doesn't solve your problem to say that even if the system isn't sending a hibernate signal it doesn't mean the drive enclosure controller itself won't do it anyway. Are either of the drives configurable in that way?
How can I check that? These are 2 different external storages, no config interface, whatsoever
How can I check that? These are 2 different external storages, no config interface, whatsoever
Depends on the external enclosure or external hard drive. For example certain Seagate external hard drives have configuration software that one can download and install to change when the drive goes into sleep mode. In other cases the sleep mode is fixed and cannot be changed. Its possible there may be a script or code one could run to ping the hard drive periodically so it doesn't enter sleep mode (may increase wear and tear on drive though). Usually people complain about the reverse, the drive not going into sleep mode when attached to the router.
Ok, but even in this case I would expect that media server is visible as a possible choice, but it takes a while to access it for the first time. The same thing I would expect if I set the hybernate setting in the router config. Even if the device behind is not accessible, as it's shut off, the service itself should be visible and accessible, and when I try to access it, that should turn on the device
Agreed with that last part. Are you saying it never does?

Research the attached devices to see if they offer such configuration.

Otherwise set a cron job to access the drive at a rate of time shorter than its sleep timer. I wouldn't do something like "ls /mnt/usb1 >/dev/null" (not likely valid mount point) as that's something which /could/ remain in and be satisfied by the router's disc cache. "dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null count=1" (if=dev as suited) would be better as it's the raw device. But configuring the device itself, if possible, would be more elegant.

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