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GT-AX600 Smart Connect, MIMO, WiFi Agile Multiband etc.

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If you see the same behavior in stock Asuswrt - report it to Asus in Administration, Feedback form.

If it happens in Asuswrt-Merlin only - report it in the corresponding Asuswrt-Merlin thread here on SNB Forums.
We know the software works (from many others' experiences here).

Your particular hardware isn't working as expected.

Again; I would be doing an exchange/refund right now.

Unless someone can corroborate this behavior with their GT-AX6000 too (of course).
Ok I did a hard reset and flashed ASUSWRT Disabled radio on 2.4GHz and ssid didn't show in clients. Did a hard reset, Flashed Merlin 388.2_2 and disabled radio on 2.4GHz and ssid is not showing in clients. Note to self, always do a hard reset before flashing.

Thanks Tech9 and L&LD!
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Ok I did a hard reset and flashed ASUSWRT

Instruction was to Hard Reset the firmware before you configure it... did you do that?


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