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Are the guest networks meant to be used while running an Asus router as access point? Since they're present I just assumed they were, but when using them the dl speeds only hover at around 2-3mbps, upload speeds are fine, it's the same on both bands and all guest networks. Tried rebooting both the Asus access point and gateway (rpi 4 in this case) but dl speeds were still at 2-3 mbps, maybe there's additional settings needed on the Asus or gateway?


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There's no reason why the guest networks can't be used in AP mode or why they would be slower.

Bear in mind that Asus have changed the way guest network "slot" #1 works which has been causing a few issues. So if you're experiencing problems it's best to avoid using those and stick to slots #2 and #3.

Also remember that in AP mode the guest networks don't provide any LAN isolation so they're of limited use.

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