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High-Performance/Stable/Reliable AND Cheap? Help?

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Okay so I recently bought a DIR615... suffice to say it is a joke... 32 max connections, crashes, disconnects are just a few of the things I enjoy from this amazingly %^%$^%$@^ product... And also after this purchase I would rather stay away from D-Link but whatever.. it could just be this router/line that they screwed up with.

So I am looking for a GOOD router... I want something that can sustain 200+ connections and doesn't go down after a few hours of use. Please help with some recommendations?

I DO care about:
1) At least 200+ connections w/decent input/output speeds..
2) Stable - 5-6 hours use w/o crashes would be great
3) At least one lan port..
4) Ping - Aka low lag times
5) DMZ ability - Or VERY reliable port forwarding for Xbox Live, and HUGE torrent traffic... (NAT Open - TCP/UDP Forwarding)
5) Cheap

I dont care about:
1) FIREWALLS (in fact I wish it didn't have one - my computers are secure and my xbox probably no one wants to hack and if they do then good luck to them)...
2) Wireless range.. My room is 15ftx15ft... I don't need anything more then the old a/b range.. but dont care what it supports...
3) VPN / QOS / Other Fancy Features...
I did that...

It seems the best product is the WNR2000 but then it seems like I am paying for the fact that its a N-router also as far as reliability, since in the reviews it had problems after a hour? Also any chance I can get a Admin to move this thread to the right folder? I screwed up >.< by posting here... it should be in the General Wireless folder not here in Wireless Articles...?

Actually I just ordered the WNR2000 for 25$... which was a great deal so I am just going to try and make that work :D so if you want to delete the thread.. yeah... sorry for wasting time? :D
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If by "best", you mean the one listed next highest on the Max Connection chart (after the D-Link DGL-4500)? That has nothing to do with rank, it's just how the data sort worked.

But sounds like you're already gone for the WNR2000. Post back and let us know whether it does the job.
Heh as far as max connections for the price I meant... I'm a broke college student so money is sadly number one >.< ...
Crazy high concurrent connections
Heavy torrent traffic
Reliable uptime.

To be honest...good luck finding a home grade router that can do all that. Built a potent *nix router for cheap..using old PC parts. Something like IPCop or PFSense. How does maximum concurrent connections in the thousands sound? Ability to have superior QoS/Traffic shaping so that your good usage such as surfing and playing online games arent affected by the bad traffic of that torrent/p2p stuff? Maintain nice smooth internet. Enjoy uptime you can count from power on til you power down to move out of the dorm next spring.

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