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cheap AX Asus Router for Quest 2 PCVR over virtual desktop

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New Around Here
Hi everyone

I have following issue:
I have 2 U6-Pros from Ubiquiti Networks as my main WiFi. Virtual Desktop uses a very low bitrate if its set to automatically find out the right bitrate. If I manually set it to 400mbit/s, it works flawlessly though. It is not the right solution because if I move my head the picture quality starts to suffer.
The cause for the low bitrate of virtual desktop is apparently a bug or not controllable feature in the Firmware of those APs because others have that too (speeds ramp up slowly - google it and you find multible reports of others having that issue).

Also I want a seperate AP on another channel to not interfer with other users on the main WiFi. I have been searching a bit and heard Asus seems to be king with single client speeds??? I also heard about Asuswrt Merlin which sounds really amazing. Because I want to thinker around with scripts, I want it to be compatible with AsusWRT Merlin.

Does anyone know a good and cheap model that would suit me? I dont want it to hurt my wallet (max. 170 CHF).

It has to be WiFi 6 capable due to WiFi 5 not being sufficient in my case (I tried and had a worse picture quality and more jitter with WiFi 5 than with wifi6 {both channel 64 which is the least utilised channel in my area aka nobody is using it and only one of the tested APs was active at a time}).

The Asus Router has to be a simple Access Point with switch. I have an Router and a firewall already including DHCP-Server.

the only client connected to the Asus AP: Meta Quest 2
layout of how I plan to do the setup:
Ethernet: --------
WiFi: |

PC ---- ASUS ---- Firewall/Router ----- main wifi
Quest 2

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question and have a nice day :)

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