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Tera Term can't SSH connect to router running Merlin 384, but works when flash back to ASUS stock FW

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I have been using Tera Term to ssh into router for some time. after flashed to Merlin 384 and factory reset, Tera Term is unable to ssh into the router while web gui login all works just fine. when I try to establish SSH connection to the router, Tera Term would immediately disconnects without prompting for login credentials. if I flash back to ASUS stock FW and factory reset, then Tera Term works again. now if I flash to Merlin 384 and factory reset, Tera Term is doing the immediately disconnect again.

would like to ask for help on how to debug this as there is no msg or log regarding Tera Term's ssh connection attempt in the system log per router's web gui, so my guess is that ssh connection stopped very early but not sure what or how to look for the problem
after some fiddling, not sure why Merlin FW's default dropbear instance doesn't log these msgs anywhere like syslog.log, I got below error from dropbear. need to figure out which algo it's talking about...

Child connection from lala:abc
Exit before auth from <lala:abc>: No matching algo enc c->s
Why are you fighting with old firmware? If this is your main router why not update it?
You need to upgrade the hardware then.

Unless you do not value your network's security (and of the devices, within).

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