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IP Geo Filter or Ban on Bad Attempts? Is this possible on Asus routers?

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I have an Asus GT-AX6000, running latest version of Merlin. I've worked with other devices that have several options that I don't see available in the Asus stock or Merlin webGUI. I'm not asking for them to be added, I just want to know if these features are available on Asus routers and I just don't know where to find them.

  • First is the option to use a geo filter based on IP address, allowing you to block IPs assigned to countries. Now I know this is easily defeated, but all of the hackers that I can see trying to get into my router's VPN server are using IPs from certain countries that could just be blocked. (until they use a different proxy...)
  • Second is an auto ban based on a number of bad authentication attempts within a certain period. What I see happening in my syslog is the same IPs trying multiple times, sometimes spacing the attempts 1 minute apart to try and avoid this sort of feature.
  • Third is the ability to just reject traffic from certain IPs on the WAN or for the VPN server. I don't even see the ability to do this on my LAN with MAC IDs, only the option to setup a white/black list for MACs on the WLAN.

It looks like I can set some sort of allowed client list for the openVPN server of using client static IPs, but I need to support dynamic client IPs.


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Well, just a few minutes after posting this I see that it looks like Skynet provides these features.
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