Is the RT-AX86U Mature & Free of Systemic Bugs?

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I have an old ASUS RT-N66U for my home network.
I want to upgrade due to working from home, probably to the AC86U, or AX86U.
For future-proofing purposes, I think the AX86U is probably better, even though I have zero WiFi-6 devices right now.

Is the AX86U actually mature enough to be generally problem-free?
Should I just stick with a 2020 build of the RT-AC86U to avoid problems associated with a relatively new and immature AX86U product?

I keep seeing threads on here from people with throughput problems, and other miscellaneous compatibility issues. Are these sporadic issues from a vocal minority, or is there real technical reason to hold off on getting the AX86U?

I may be new on this forum, but I am a technical person and formerly worked IT / Networking for many years.

Thanks for reading.


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Welcome to the forums @Maximus0636, the RT-AX86U is effectively 'brand new'. However, with RMerlin support available today with already a second release of the Alpha 386.1 base, it's the router I would buy now, at least to test with.

The vocal minority shouldn't have any say in testing to see how it works in your network and Wi-Fi environment. With your background, there is nothing to worry about.

If you're really into testing, then buy both the RT-AC86U and the RT-AX86U and keep the one that performs better for you.


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I had nothing than troubles with my AX-88U (worst 2,4ghz ever - you can read the threads) - since I have the AX-86U everything is fine - it just works (even with the ASUS Firmware) 55 days up! ... I don't know when I had this the last time...

No one or very few are writing about the AX-86U - I think the reason is - because it's just works


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^ Same experience with 2 different AX88u vs my 86u which is just running with shirt tons of 4k netflix from my newly moved in netflix

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