1. B

    DNS: time of maximum confusion (AC86U)

    My 86U was delivered 10 days ago. In that time I've spent a lot of time on these terrific forums and gotten a lot of great info. Now my head is spinning as I confront the various DNS settings spread across several pages in the GUI. Situation: one-person household. LAN devices are a Mac desktop...
  2. P

    Asus RT-AC86U shutting down at night?

    I recently installed an RT-AC86U (following recommendations in another thread) and it has been working great. Except... a few times in the last couple of weeks my internet has gone down in the middle of the night. I know this because my burglar alarm (which is reliant on a wifi connection) has...
  3. R

    RT-AC86U temporary speed issues

    Hi all, I'm running the latest standard merlin on my AC86U alongside my older dsl-N55U which I managed to bridge a few months back. For a long long time I have always got a rather poor 10/11Mb/s down and 1mb roughly up speeds. This has been true of when I didn't have the AC86U and since I have...
  4. M

    AC86U router temperature

    I'm using the following method to check my AC86U router temperature from the command line. CPU, 2.4GHz radio and 5GHz radio: # cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 73364 # wl -i eth5 phy_tempsense | awk '{ print $1/2+20 }' 55.5 # wl -i eth6 phy_tempsense | awk '{ print $1/2+20...
  5. M

    RT-AC86U with Zabbix agent?

    Have anyone tried using Zabbix Agent on AC86U router? If we search for Zabbix, Opkg finds some packages. # opkg find *zabbix* zabbix-agentd - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix agentd zabbix-get - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix get zabbix-proxy - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix proxy zabbix-sender - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix sender zabbix-server...
  6. S

    Router = AC86U AiMesh Node = AC68U (wfd_unregisterdevice) Instability Fix

    I searched all over the place for this issue, and never saw a clear cut thread - to the point I spent significant time of trial and error to figure this out. I hope this will help someone out... Setup: AC86U = Main Router AC68U = AiMesh Node Backhaul = Wireless Smart Connect = Disabled SSID's...
  7. kintamanate

    RT-AC86U - no lights (except port 4), no connectivity

    Hello, I'll break my story into 3 parts, history, issue(s) and what I've tried, if you want to skim or just read ahead. My life's story About 8 years ago I started out with an AC68U. I used Asus and Merlin firmware on it. Two years ago when I moved into a bigger place I got an AC86U to put...
  8. L

    AC86U port forwarding not working at all

    Solved... primary firewall issue, not ASUS issue.
  9. J

    Asus RT-AC86U Speed Issue

    Hi all, I recently bought the Asus RT AC86U and have updated to the Merlin firmware. My ISP speeds are 200mbps, and I have speedtest'd on my ISP's router (now a modem - the Superhub 3 from Virgin Media) and achieved 200mbps. This test was done in Router and Modem mode. Changing the ISP to...
  10. M


    Hi There So I have an AC86U running merlin 384.16 I use Airvpn config However I have found an issue which I have contacted Airvpn about who responded with the message at the bottom of this post. basically when I use the following config option including "Push Peer info" the vpn refuses to...
  11. clayhans

    AX88U Router i.p. address problem

    I have an Asus RT AX88U Router with Merlin 384.16 firmware connected to my modem as my main router. I have another AX88U set up in another room as a Media Bridge. This router works fine in media bridge mode with four devices attached to it. The main Router AX88U connected to the modem shows...
  12. R

    siting an ips/ids/dnsBlock(PfSense? or ClearOs?) in a vpn cascade?

    Current: Inet->wan-AC68u (ipsec passthrough)-lan ->wan-AX11000gt Hello all, Firstly, I wish everyone safe and well during this time of global worry. Please, could you kindly help me out, I think I know what to do, however I don't want to sway advice with my inexperienced opinion. After 8...
  13. M

    Topology/setup help - Mostly Asus-merlin devices

    Hi guys, guru, network and problem-solving lovers! I am requesting your help and wisdom here :) I know this question is mostly about topology but my devices are mostly using Asus-merlin and I believe the solution to my questions could be solved using the firmware. My situation is as follows...
  14. D

    AES-NI on RT-AC86U

    Is AES-NI available on all AC86U models? I am asking because the following article suggest that it isn't: This is my cpu: [email protected]:/tmp/home/root# cat /proc/cpuinfo processor...
  15. J

    RT-AC86U LAN speed limit at 200mbps (Runner & Flow cache enabled)

    Firmware: 384.14_2 Model: RT-AC86U Issues: LAN speed is limit at 200mbps, but my WiFi speed can go up to 100% at 500mbps. There's no NAT Acceleration setting, but HW acceleration shows: Runner: Enabled - Flow Cache: Enabled QoS Settings: QoS Type: **Adaptive** Queue Discipline: **sfq**...
  16. H

    Aimesh with AC88U and AC86U

    Hello, First thanks for the great work on the Asuswrt-Merlin. Second I plan to use an AC88U running the latest 383.14.0 firmware with an AC86U that will also have 383.14.0. When it says that I need to factory default... Both need to be factory reset?? Or only the AC86U that i'm adding to the...
  17. A

    ASUS AC86U - Connect via VPN Server with VPN Client Strict Selective Routing

    Hi all, I am new to all of this and need some guidance please. I can connect to my home network from external network via VPN Server (opvn) I set up in the router. The router also have VPN Client (with PIA) set up with selective routing. However, I can only get the VPN Server connection...
  18. I

    RT-3100 or RT-AC86U

    Any opinions if one of these are a better choice than the other, for example known issues, current support, regular updates, etc? I can see both have firmware updates available from September, and I see many posts on the 86U, but not much on the 3100. Feature-wise they are pretty close to...
  19. D

    AC86U - torrent upload problems

    I was running Download Master earlier, but now I'm using Transmission but there's almost no upload when running torrents... The attached HDD is going to sleep very often. My ISP's upload is 30MBit so it is not as bad. If I run QBitTorrent on my laptop the upload is fine. Has anyone same problem?
  20. J

    Need Advice for AiMesh with AC86U primary with two AC68U nodes

    Hello Everyone, Here's the situation: Asus RT-AC86U (on thee way), plan to flash with Merlin, primary Aimesh router Two RT-68U's, one with Merlin, other stock firmware, Aimesh access points/nodes Netgear CM-1000 Docsis 3.1 modem MaxxSouth 250/10 Mb/s cable Ethernet cable exists from primary...