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  1. Threem

    AC86U on WiFi losing connectivity

    Hello everyone, I am very lost at this point. I have tried factoru reset, but problems still persist. I am using an AC86U, with the latest firmware i can download from Asus site. Now problem is this, i realise recently like since late 2020, i kept getting problems with connecting on my...
  2. R

    RT-AC86U How can I turn off the wifi signal completely?

    I try to turn off the wifi signal completely and I can't. If under the signal to the minimum in "wifi-professional-TX power adjustmen", the rooter AC86U stops working. Is there any other way to turn off the wifi signal completely? Can someone help me?
  3. R

    Download Master not Downloading - AC86U

    Hey guys. I have a problem with Download Master. The WebUI is working and can access the application but when i try to load a .torrent file or even magnet url, it will not load/initialize and is just stuck there. I cannot even remove the entry and/or add another torrent. I am using a usb3.0...
  4. M

    GUI Memory x Meminfo

    I noticed that the memory information shown at the router's web GUI ("Network Map > System Status") is different from the one shown by "/proc/meminfo". I read somewhere that the web GUI used information from "free" command, but the amounts are different as well. GUI # free total...
  5. halsafar

    AC86U - Lose WiFi on all devices - Disassoc Event Spam - Upgraded from 384.17 to 384.19

    This started happening as soon as I upgrade from 384.17 to 384.19. About 10 minutes after a reboot the log is filling with this message for every WiFi device every ~30s or so: Dec 13 10:38:28 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(481): eth5: Disassoc [redacted], status: 0, reason...
  6. M

    Is the RT-AX86U Mature & Free of Systemic Bugs?

    Situation: I have an old ASUS RT-N66U for my home network. I want to upgrade due to working from home, probably to the AC86U, or AX86U. For future-proofing purposes, I think the AX86U is probably better, even though I have zero WiFi-6 devices right now. Questions: Is the AX86U actually mature...
  7. D

    VPN not working - RT AC86U

    Hi, why, if my router (AC86U) have assigned a public ip, vpn server is telling me my ip is private (see photos attached)? Thanks in advance for any help
  8. K

    [RT-AC86U] How to disassemble it - LAN port 2 not working

    Hello. I have a RT-AC86U that I recently discovered that the 2nd LAN port is not working. Unfortunaly, my warranty expired 10 days ago so it seens I will have to (eventually) fix it myself. Everything else that I've tested for now has worked. The other LAN ports are okay, as well as the wifi...
  9. V

    Oplock break failed

    I have a couple of hard drives connected to my RT-AC86U. These hard drives act as NAS for the Plex Server on Nvidia Shield. Since the firmware version (released on 05-09-2019), I randomly get the message below in the router log whenever Plex needs to play a file: "Oplock break...
  10. V

    RT-AC86U on 950/450 fibre only getting 350 to 400mbs download over wifi

    Hi Guys, I just bought RT-AC86U and installed Merlin 384.18. I got 950/450 fibre and I am able to get around 800 to 850 on ethernet but over wifi I am only getting 350-450. Disabling QoS I am only getting around 250 to 300. I have smart connect switch on and off but does not make any...
  11. B

    DNS: time of maximum confusion (AC86U)

    My 86U was delivered 10 days ago. In that time I've spent a lot of time on these terrific forums and gotten a lot of great info. Now my head is spinning as I confront the various DNS settings spread across several pages in the GUI. Situation: one-person household. LAN devices are a Mac desktop...
  12. P

    Asus RT-AC86U shutting down at night?

    I recently installed an RT-AC86U (following recommendations in another thread) and it has been working great. Except... a few times in the last couple of weeks my internet has gone down in the middle of the night. I know this because my burglar alarm (which is reliant on a wifi connection) has...
  13. R

    RT-AC86U temporary speed issues

    Hi all, I'm running the latest standard merlin on my AC86U alongside my older dsl-N55U which I managed to bridge a few months back. For a long long time I have always got a rather poor 10/11Mb/s down and 1mb roughly up speeds. This has been true of when I didn't have the AC86U and since I have...
  14. M

    AC86U router temperature

    I'm using the following method to check my AC86U router temperature from the command line. CPU, 2.4GHz radio and 5GHz radio: # cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 73364 # wl -i eth5 phy_tempsense | awk '{ print $1/2+20 }' 55.5 # wl -i eth6 phy_tempsense | awk '{ print $1/2+20...
  15. M

    RT-AC86U with Zabbix agent?

    Have anyone tried using Zabbix Agent on AC86U router? If we search for Zabbix, Opkg finds some packages. # opkg find *zabbix* zabbix-agentd - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix agentd zabbix-get - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix get zabbix-proxy - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix proxy zabbix-sender - 4.0.16-3 - Zabbix sender zabbix-server...
  16. S

    Router = AC86U AiMesh Node = AC68U (wfd_unregisterdevice) Instability Fix

    I searched all over the place for this issue, and never saw a clear cut thread - to the point I spent significant time of trial and error to figure this out. I hope this will help someone out... Setup: AC86U = Main Router AC68U = AiMesh Node Backhaul = Wireless Smart Connect = Disabled SSID's...
  17. kintamanate

    RT-AC86U - no lights (except port 4), no connectivity

    Hello, I'll break my story into 3 parts, history, issue(s) and what I've tried, if you want to skim or just read ahead. My life's story About 8 years ago I started out with an AC68U. I used Asus and Merlin firmware on it. Two years ago when I moved into a bigger place I got an AC86U to put...
  18. L

    AC86U port forwarding not working at all

    Solved... primary firewall issue, not ASUS issue.
  19. J

    Asus RT-AC86U Speed Issue

    Hi all, I recently bought the Asus RT AC86U and have updated to the Merlin firmware. My ISP speeds are 200mbps, and I have speedtest'd on my ISP's router (now a modem - the Superhub 3 from Virgin Media) and achieved 200mbps. This test was done in Router and Modem mode. Changing the ISP to...
  20. M


    Hi There So I have an AC86U running merlin 384.16 I use Airvpn config However I have found an issue which I have contacted Airvpn about who responded with the message at the bottom of this post. basically when I use the following config option including "Push Peer info" the vpn refuses to...