is there an ios app to enable/disable vpn client on ax88u router

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wow guys don't know if this is a new post or not but as you know I've got the ssh shortcuts working with tons of help because I wanted to turn the vpn of and on easily when wanting to watch netfix on the tv or the fetch streaming box. Well to cut a long story short the vpn is on and when accessing netfix my wife's account can stream it but when on my account it's blocked. I've done port scans when she's watching it and it's the same result when netfix is off. Port 80,88,89,90 and 443 are closed where all the others are stealthed. Also when on the nord vpn site my status is protected. Any ideas?


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Sorry guys it seems that my Fetch streaming box has access to netflix after a recent update wether the vpn is on or off, also the smart tv only has access when the vpn is off so the answer to all this is watch netflix via fetch. Anyway the ssh commands work if I want to disable the vpn at any time, sorry for all the messing guys, all stay safe in the present climate. cheers

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