Suggestions or Script for YazFI addon to automatically enable or disable VPN client, when guest WiFi is ON or OFF


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Hi to every one, I am using YazFI addon for guest WiFi and my idea is to use it through VPN to all guests. The guest network is used only when I have guests, so basically I activate it for 1 day and it automatically shuts down. The thing is that I want to shutdown the VPN server too, because I use it only for guestWiFi and it might save some router resurses. Is it possible to do, that when I enable guestWiFi it automaticaly enables VPN client, and when it shutdown, it shutdowns VPN client too? Maybe it is possible to add some script when enabling/disabling the Guest WiFi it automatically enables/disables specified VPN client?
Or I might need to use other addons for GuestWiFI?
I appreciate all kinds of workarounds, Thanks.

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