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Hi All,

I've helping my brother out as much as I know with his whole wireless setup for his home, but my question is about his router/modem. He has fiber optic line to the house and I think a 500/300 service plan. So the setup looks like this:
[F/O cable] ---> [grey outdoor box] ---> [cat5/6? cable] ---> [RJ-45 JACK] ---> [cat5/6? patch cord] ---> [ZYXEL XMG3563-B10A wifi router/(modem?)]. Also of note, there's a SFP jack on the ZYXEL unit.

To me, this is obviously not ideal since the fiber is not going all the way to the modem. And with the SFP jack, his equipment will support F/O to the unit. But my question is, how much real world loss or bottle neck are we talking about? Is it worth it to complain about to get the fiber to the modem, which I'm guessing is in need of a refresh too.

If you think that setup is bad, the setup gets worst after the modem due to a combination of my brother and the ISP techs but that belongs in a different forum...but I THINK i have that part under control.

Thank you!!!


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The gray outdoor box is connected to the router with Gigabit Ethernet. The ISP service is up to 500Mbps, so I see no bottle necks. Do you get the full ISP speed when testing with a wired client to Zyxel? If you do, there is nothing to complain about.


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You are totally right. I feel dumb now. Maybe I shouldn't be helping my bro out...

I was too fixated on where the fiber line terminated. I believe he did say he connected a laptop to the Zyxel but he was not able to get 500 but he didn't try multiple times and at different times of the day so I don't know the deal on that part. But how would you argue the speeds, don't the ISP just say it depends or some excuse?

I appreciate the response, thanks!!


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Zyxel was provided by the ISP. I was curious on the specs for the unit but I can't find any datasheets.

I did find a post last year on another forum that the person received the same unit for free since the ISP was no longer was using it so this is what made my think my bro should be able to get a refresh.

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