Lan port stops working after a week and needs reboot


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I'm suffering an issue with my brand new Ax88u running on firmware 386.2. (Used merlin previous to this too and had same issue)

After a week, 2 of my 24/7 wired devices lose internet access and the lan port they use does not function correctly for any device or cable until router rebooted.

When the problem occurs my other working network devices (wired and wireless) can still ping the 2 devices in question and the malfunctioning devices can ping others back and access network drives. But they cannot get a ping reply from the router nor can the router ping them. Devices that still work normally can ping the router and the router can ping the working devices. The malfunctioning devices still appear as connected devices on the router. Also those ports dont allow any new device to obtain an ip via dhcp (if i swap the cable and device) static ip allows internal network access but still no internet nor ping response from router.

Worth noting when the problem happens if i move the device to another empty port on the router they come back online instantly but their original port remains faulty until reboot.

The only way to bring the ports back to normal function is to reboot the router. I have put the devices in other ports and the problem does repeat after a week.

This problem was alot worse on default firmware shipped with the device. The issue would occur within 24 hours but now it takes just over a full week + a few hours for the problem to reappear.

So a difference in the merlin firmware has made this issue alot better but ideally i dont want my devices to randomly lose network each week without a reboot.

I wondered if anyone who knows more about this might be able to help.

Ive checked the router log and theres nothing of note in there that would suggest this problem event starting.

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