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Hi everyone,
I am attaching my current/ideal configuration, but I'm not sure how to configure vlan on the switch. In detail I have a Tplink TL-SG105E managed switch connected to the router. I have a raspberry pi 3b + already configured and working with vpn (mullvad vpn). What I would like to do is let all traffic go through the vpn before it gets to the router. So traffic deriving from the smart TV, from the access point to which different devices are connected in wi-fi, etc. Does the raspberry have to stay in a separate vlan? What kind of vlan? and all other devices? Thank you all.


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If your pi is going to be on the inside of your network then the TV will need to forward its traffic to the pi. The pi will need to encrypt the traffic and pass it out your router. Most small routers, firewalls, allow out bound traffic so outbound will work but you will need to forward your encrypted return traffic which comes to your firewall router using port forwarding to your pi if you are in the same network. If you are in a different network then the firewall router will route the return VPN traffic. The pi can then decrypt traffic and forward it to the TV. Whether you use VLANs or networks it makes no difference. You just need to make it work for your network.

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