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Linksys or Netgear with wireguard and traffic customization

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Hello everyone ,

I'm planning to switch from ASUS AC3200 to Linksys wrt3200acm but now I'm confused after checking Netgear R7800. I want to know if I can achieve the following through any of these two routers with factory or Openwrt firmware:

1- My TV having one dedicated WiFi band/SSID which uses only a predefined DNS server. This DNS won't be my ISP DNS.

2- A wireguard client ( with web GUI ?) and any client connected to SSID for 2.4Ghz band has its traffic going through that wireguard VPN.

3- Third band or SSID having traffic going through WAN but with predefined DNS over TLS ,like that of cloudflare and an ad-blocker.

I am completely new to Openwrt with nearly zero knowledge of how things work but not a complete noob when it comes to routers. A guide can be helpful if anyone can help please.
You can use a custom DNS addresses on the R7800. Stock or Voxels FW you can input any DNS, however the DNS you enter is for any device connected to it.

The R7800 is a dual band only router. You would need a Tri Band WiFi router to have the ability to use 3 different SSIDs for different devices.

If your looking at 3rd party FW like DD-WRT or OpenWRT, you would be best served by post in there forums to see if there FW supports that kind of configuration.

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