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I have just upgraded my fibre to Sky Ultrafast G.fast. My current setup Modem = Netgear DM200, Router = Asus RT-ac86u with Merlin.

Unfortunately, my modem doesn't appear to be compatible with G.fast so I am looking for some advice so I can purchase a new one which is.

any help or recommendations will be much appreciated.



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Hmm, I guess your options are quite limited and expensive as there are few G.Fast devices about and most tend to be in modem/routers anyway.

One I've seen is a Zyxel-XMG3927-B50A https://www.lambda-tek.com/Zyxel-XMG3927-B50A-EU01V1F~sh/B43527536 which I assume you can put in modem only/bridge mode and let your AC86U do the MER/Option 61 authentication to Sky. Try also googling the kitz forums for others, but I don't think the Vigor 166 is available yet or you could chance your arm on a Zisa G1000 or G800 from Alibaba.

Its a real shame Sky lock their routers down so much, I'm fairly sure there is no modem only mode which would have been great. Openreach were supplying ZT MT992 modems at one point (think they still do but only for a couple of ISPs that don't do integrated G.Fast modem/routers) which would be ideal - but you see the go on eBay for 150 - 200 quid! A bit of a stark contrast to a HG612 for VDSL that you can grab for a tenner.


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GFast modems won't be cheap and manufacturers will be unlikely to invest in a system that may never be rolled out in the UK.

GFast roll out on hold.


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I went for the Zyxel modem /router in the end and am running it in Bridge mode.

I spoke with an Open reach engineer a few days ago whom advised they are no longer giving out the MT992 for political reasons.

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