Looking for NAS with software like Google drive

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Hello, I have WD My Cloud PR4100, but unfortunately it disappointed me.
I'm looking for a NAS 4 bay that I can have a good UI, good backup and sync app and software, with good customer support.
any suggestions ?!


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I tried to find apps or software about Synology to watch or read before i make the move but i didn't found any reference, may you send any links to see how is it going
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Qnap can be setup to sync with Google drive and has various options.

Alternatively, or in addition, you could setup a VPN to provide secure remote access.

Personally, not very happy with the crap firmware QNAP has been rolling out lately so staying with a slightly older stable release. I'd definitely check out Synology more too though. Don't have one myself yet, but probably the next time I'm in the market for a NAS.


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"Synology drive" is the app you are looking for, your own Google drive:D:p
Of course you need a synology Nas, i currently own a ds218play 2 bay and a 4 bay ds918+
The ds918+ is configured with 16Tb and 2 SSD's as cache drives, it has all kind of software to backup, synchronize locally or to the major cloud providers.
Cant comment about other brands as i always used synology.
I believe Most Nases big brands provide a live demo to try before buying .
Here is one from synology:
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