Mesh network setup with and without VPN

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I have a setup of two Asus AX-GT11000 routers in a mesh network with ethernet backhaul. I run OpenVPN on this. Some sites like Disney + and HBO Max does not work with VPN. What I would like is the ability to choose between VPN or not VPN by changing which WiFi network I am connected to. Regrettably Asus does not support that; if you run VPN on your router all your SIDs is also VPN. You can in the router setup change pr end user node if it shall use VPN or not, but the end user herself can not do that.

So therefore I am thinking about adding 2 more mesh routers to the network which will not run VPN and therefore the SIDs they publish can be used with for instance Disney + and HBO Max. Is this a good way to solve the problem or are there other ways that are better?

If this is a good way how shall I connect the 4 routers so that I get 2 mesh networks one with VPN and one without VPN and that the all use the same ethernet backhaul?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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