Multiple Subnets and SSID for home business

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I run a home office and want to separate my devices in a simplified way with a mesh system. Large 2 story house with an office up front and workshop out back.

Current setup is one Broadband wifi router downstairs providing wifi to home users and fixed wired network to my work desktop and laptop.
A second wifi router is connected via lan cable between floors. Providing wifi to the upstairs bedrooms.
My workhop out the back gets almost no wifi.

I was looking at the ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 and was thinking I could add 2 mesh devices. One for the upstairs bedrooms and one for the workshop out the back. Both can be connected via ethernet cables to ensure no interference.

Last but not lease I want to know if these routers are capable of having 3 SSIDs. One for business, one for home users like the kids and netflix and one for guests who visit. I would like them all on different subnets if possible.

Looking for you experienced gals and guys to assist in if this is the right product for what I want to do.

Thanks for your help


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AiMesh does not have to ability to create separate isolated local networks for different groups of users. For that you would need a brand that supports VLANs.

The best you can do is to use "guest" WiFi networks which can be setup to block all LAN access and only allow internet access. The primary router can have up to 3 guest SSIDs on each band but on the AiMesh nodes only the first SSID on each band can be isolated from the LAN.
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