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NEED HELP! i cant seem to find an router for myself 0.0

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Ok i recently ordered roadrunner 15mbps service and they told me i had to get my own router so far ive been pampered by verizon with their free routers 0.0 now i have no idea what to look for in an router but i know this is what i need

1) Wireless router dont need the N draft wireless 0.0 but if it comes with it sure
2) works well with road runner cable and doenst have alot of disconnect problems
3) have at least 4 -5 ethernet ports support of cat6e stp cables

sigh yea i dont know much about routers 0.0 any help would help me alot!

so far ive been looking at
D-Link DIR-615

( not really a fan of linksys alot of comments ive seen with having their internet getting disconnected)
Linksys - Wireless-G Broadband Router with 4-Port Ethernet Switch

but this one even though its an linksys i think i like it
or this one it seems to have great reviews!
LINKSYS WRT54GL IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Broadband Router - Retail
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Cat 6 cables for LAN connections? Are you trying to run Gigabit for LAN? If so, the DIR-615 won't do it, its 10/100 only on the WAN and LAN ports.

If you do opt for this router, make sure to get the Rev C. It will be printed on the bottom of the box where the S/N is located.

If you want Gigabit LAN ports look at the Dlink DIR-655.

Same thing goes for the Linksys WRT54G2. Its LAN ports are 10/100 only. If you do opt for this router make sure to get Rev 1.5. Unfortunately with Linksys there is no way to tell until you open the box and look on the bottom of the router. If youw ant Gigabit LAN ports look at the WRT310.

I still prefer the DIR-655 but your mileage may vary....
ooh no lol i just got cat6 cables cause they were cheap and i was running HDMI with two CAT6 cables so i was like what the heck might as well buy two more for my comps.

Hey if i do you have any comment on the LINKSYS WRT54GL? ive heard that its an awesome router and everyone buys it

ooh btw what does this mean?
I still prefer the DIR-655 but your mileage may vary.... 0.0 as in my speed for wireless or lan?

sigh i cant seem to find an good deal with the DIR-655 excellent reviews!
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833127215&Tpk=DIR-655 < best one i found

hmm i seem to be leaning towards the 655 i see that for the 655 theres two revisions one with blue lights and one with green lights.

hmm cat5 cables only goes up to 100mbps right? would it help if i replaced the cat5 cable from my modem to my router to an cat6
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