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Need help with Link Aggregation

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New Around Here
Greetings all. Long time reader, first time poster. I recently upgraded to an Asus AXE16000 and have installed Merlin. One of my goals, and the reason I am here today, is to bond two of the ports. Specifically, the two 10Gb ports. After some digging, I have learned those ports are 5 and 6 in the configuration. The LinkAgg script only supports port 1-4, which are all 1Gb and the second method uses robocfg, which I have come to learn is no longer operational since AC68U.

So I am curious if there is someone out there with the knowledge and skills to overcome these two issues. My current thinking is to use the manual script made for the 68U but replace the port 5 vlan with a number higher than existing ports on the router (something like 9) but that still leaves the robocfg issue. Now currently I have read and it seems there is not any available documentation for the replaced robocfg commands but my hope is that someone will have some work around.

My end goal is two aggregate the two 10Gb ports and connect them to a Netgear multigig switch (MS510TXUP) via SFP+ ports which will be bonded on the switches end. This will give me the equivalent of driving a smart car on an empty 20 lane highway...not because I need it, but because I can.

Thank you all in advance and have a great day.
I appreciate your sentiment. Perhaps you may be right, but I would like to research and get feedback in the chance that it may be possible. I am leaning towards it being possible because if it possible on one, it should be possible on another. Thank you all the same.
I can't keep up with the changing tech. I had to google both products. Just wanted to know is that a 10gb Ethernet on router(2) to a pair of optical/fiber on switch? Do you take out the sfp module and put in a Ethernet 10gb module. I am a few years behind. Have not window shopped routers in years.lol
Yes. The AXE has one 2.5Gb, four 1Gb, and two 10Gb. You can use the 2.5 or the ten as WAN but since the highest speed offered in my area is 1Gb, that occupies the 2.5 port. The Netgear has four 2.5G ports, four 10G ports, and two SFP+ ports (max 10G). Currently I am using RJ45 transceivers but if ever I need to send the signal a longer distance, then I can swap the transceivers for optical rather than buying new equipment.

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