Netgear Adds Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System And AC3000 Mesh Extender To Orbi Line

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so it seems netgear may have made the decision to not have 4 x 4 160mhz on its band 3 for more than price , seems much of the world cant use 160mhz on band 3 due to local regulations and 160mhz is limited to band 2 ch 36 to 49 , they could have put the 4 x 4 on band 2 however but most 3 band routers have 4 x 4 on band 3


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Thank you for providing concrete numbers. So this 2 node system will support approximately 60 wifi devices like my wemo and lutron switches, cameras, smart phones and TVs? They keep dropping now with my ATT (Aris) BGW 200. Did you test multiple WiFi devices with asus rt-ax92u? What is the limit?
FWIW, any wireless devices that use another “bridge” won’t count as more than a single device, as far as the router “sees”. At least, that’s what I was told. For instance, if you have Arlo Pro cameras that are wireless, they don’t actually connect to the router directly, the connect to the Arlo basestation. So, even though they use the internet, the router only “sees” the basestation and the basestation takes care of some of the processing. Assuming your Lutron switches are also connected to the Lutron bridge, that will also only count as 1 device, as far as your router is concerned. I was concerned about that myself because we have quite a few smart home products. Lights alone, it’s like 27. But all those smart lights are connected to the Hue bridge and that’s the only smart lighting device, as far as my router is concerned. Same with anything like a SmartThings unit or Z-Wave bridge. Smart home devices can add up quickly when you’re looking at several cameras, light switches or blinds control, smart lights and such. I hope that helps.

Obviously, the smart phones are each going to count as a device, as will any laptops, streaming boxes, DirecTV units, etc. But if your smart home devices and camera have a bridge, it mean less over actual devices that your router will be handling directly and might mean that you won’t have quite as much difficulty.

If you’re interested in the Orbi WiFi 6, you might also take a look at the Linksys MX10. Seems like a pretty decent unit and I think uses the same chipset from Qualcomm, from what I can find at this point. At Costco, it’s $100 less than MSRP at $299. All the nodes are identical and can simply be set as parent/child. Not that one would want to, but they are totally backwards compatible with previous iterations of the Velop mesh networking, which might give more options if you have a really large place but don’t necessarily need WiFi 6 in each of them.

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