Netgear R7800 is amazon’s deal of the day


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Good choice, now load up Voxel's firmware ;)


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amazon had this dd-wrt able cyber monday for $121
i begged my tech clueless friend to get one and stop
paying $12/mo for their crappy verizon fios router o_O


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still available?
Might want to check eBay. There are a few there with decent prices.

Have a relative of mine who has been on the fence for quite some time now about getting a R7800 or a Linksys WRT32ACM. There are several threads in these forums where folks have attempted to point out the differences between the two but I have not been able to pick out a clear winner. It seems that that using OpenWrt (for both) or Voxel’s firmware (for R7800 only) significantly enhances performance but I am not quite clear from these threads on what the OpenVPN performance is, among few others.

Anyone has a strong opinion on either router (or other Netgear/Linksys for that matter) or a verdict on which one to go with? Appreciate the advice.

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