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Networking Question - Cable Modem to Switch to Router?

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Hello Everyone,

I have a networking question.
What I had previously is Cable Modem to Router WAN and Router LAN to 16 Port Switch and the Router gave everyone on the network an IP.

I'd like to move the Router to the center of the house (Pantry) but there is only 1 LAN Jack.
Can I do the following?
Cable Modem => 16 Port Switch => Router (LAN) and have the Router be the DHCP and give all the connections on the switch an IP?

FYI: Router is Linksys EA8500 on stock firmware and I'd be open to switching to DD-WRT or any other flavor.\

Thank you!
Conceivably it could work by using vlans. By default all ports are in vlan1. Put the router port into vlan2 and allow trunking for that port for vl1 & 2. All the LAN devices will be in vlan1 and the trunk port will allow them to talk to the router but not directly to the ISP.

It's not optimal but, it should work.
Like this?

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If the issue is WiFi only why not leave the router where it is with its Ethernet connections and put just an AP in the pantry for wireless connections. Can turn the WiFi on the router off or leave it on depending on what works for you.
Looks like you have a L3 switch with the routing tab. You could just add some routing config and bridge the router into AP mode. The firewall statements are simple and low impact on performance.

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