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Question on ax88u pro

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Looking at getting this as 2 ports on my ax88u are flaky, port 6 and port 3. Yes I have rebooted via both gui and wps unplugging etc.same results. With the pro having 2.5Lan can i use it plus the 4 1g lans as a 5 port lan of 1g connections? Fiber coming soon to area so figure the wan will come in handy soon. I was going to get the GT-AX6000 but the price went up $100 to $369 the pro was $269, which from reading are basically the same (other than lights) and the GT has more time on the firmware for reliability. I plan on manually loading my configuration stuff and not a copy from the AX88u so I dont bring in and issues if there are some. Load: 12 ip cameras, 2 ring cameras, 4 computers, 4 roku's, various phones, Ipads and sensors. Like to get it all up and running then leave it alone. Any other insight helpful points are welcome.
If you want to just set it up and leave it alone, the RT-AX88U Pro may not be the model you should be considering (it's an unknown quantity today).

That $100 price difference... is it worth your peace of mind? Or, are you feeling lucky? Good luck.

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