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**New member**Need help deciding what router to buy

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WTH is that list LOL.

This list makes me feel happy. :)

I have six of the best 10 routers under $200 in 2022 in my collection!

Asus RT-AC86U
Asus RT-AX58U (AX3000)
Netgear Nighthawk X4S (R7800)
Netgear Nighthawk (R7000)
Synology rt2600ac
TP-Link Archer C2300
I've played with two of them being the r7800 and rt2600ac. The r7800 worked better for me until Netgear got sloppy with firmware.
Sorry @Tech Junky, your source of information is a joke. Posting links like that means you also have no idea.

R7000 is a 2013 router, AC3200 is early 2015 and EOL, R7800 is early 2016, rt2600ac is early 2017, AC86U is mid 2017, C2300 was early 2017 and EOL.
I didn't vet them I just did a quick search for examples.. is there you're being a donkey?
New forum members stop here for advice and correct information. This is what this forum is known for. Not tech junk links on Internet after quick Google search. You stop here to advertise Zyxel access points and share mostly irrelevant information about your DIY PC router, no matter what the requirements are and what the budget is. And it's a little irritating already. Have a good night.
I appreciate all the work merlin put in for asus routers but honestly it's time to let go of "gaming" routers. You can get something like an RB2011 that will keep getting updates for routeros, and give you a lot less headaches. Get a cheap chinese raspi if you're doing the usb hard disk samba server thing.
@Tech9 Stop the personal attacks. Make your points without dissing other opinions. This is at least the second time you've been warned for aggressive behavior. Once more and you will be banned.

@Tech Junky Stop taking the bait.

Both of you use the ignore button for each other's posts if you can't control yourselves.
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