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No internal access to external addresses

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I have had this issue with both my ASUS N66U and my new AX88U,
It seems that I cannot access external addresses (hostname/IP) from the web interface of the router, for e.g. in network tools > ping www.google.com
returns: ping: bad address 'www.google.com'
I believe that it may be a routing issue.
I am able to ping internal addresses and I can access the net fine.
One thing tho, I flashed my dying N66U with the recovery tool to the latest stock firmware, before it died, and it worked.

I really like the Merlin firmware as I prefer it and need the split tunnelling features. I have looked at various solutions but none have worked.

If you can help I would appreciate it very much, thanks.
Yes, I flashed Merlin and after that I reset it to factory defaults, I did not use any saved configurations.
Thanks for the reply.
I have read that switching router operation mode and back again can resolve this issue, tried AP mode and am able to use the network tools to ping google fine.
Upon switching back to router mode the problem persists. Any ideas?
Ok, i should say at this point that by connecting the ethernet cable from the modem to the router means I cannot connect to the internet at all. The red LED is constant on the router itself, always has been since settting it up. So, I conclude that the router 'thinks' its offline.
Any advice would be great.

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