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OpenVPN server and client on the same router

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I managed to setup a OpenVPN server on my Asus RT-AC1900P router. Then on the same router I added an OpenVPN client (I want everything in the local network to go through VPN). Both work and show connected but in the client section says "IP/Routing conflict" and I can't reach the internet.

Is there any step by step guide (or anybody can help me) that sets up both the server and client on the same router?

Thank you in advance!
I saw other threads on this forum. Maybe is a good idea to try to look over them.

Good luck,

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I spent the whole night looking for a reasonable explanation on the forum. I found nothing about setting up both the server and client on the same router.
I spent the whole night looking for a reasonable explanation on the forum. I found nothing about setting up both the server and client on the same router.

Just a thought. I haven't really looked into this particular issue. Since the typical VPN services are routed through default port 1194 (it doesn't have to be), the conflict might be both Server and Client are trying to use the same "default" port. Shouldn't either the Server or client choose an alternate port like 8194? (just an example)

A writer of a VPN setup manual I have, has also written that some ISP's reserve the lower range of ports including 1194 for their own use. To bypass this, use a port in the higher ranges for BOTH your VPN server/client like 8194, 9194. 10194, 11194, 31194, 51194 etc etc. Keep the "~194" or "~1194" routing convention merely to remind yourself that you're using that port for VPN service.
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What firmware are you running on your router?

Who are you using for your VPN client?

With Merlin the first VPN server does use port 1194. If you are using Merlin you could try running your server on the second VPN server as it will use a different port. This would rule out a port conflict.

Wtih your VPN client(s) various VPN providers use various ports. The standard port for PIA is 1198, however with the correct configuration files ports 53,80,110,443,501,502,1194,1197,8080 and 9201 are supported. You can only select a port if your provider uses it on their end.

Astrill only supports port 8292.

Also if you are testing your VPN you probably won't be able to connect to your VPN server if the device is connecting using your VPN client running on the router. Best way to test is use a smart phone, turn off WiFi, start the VPN client on your phone using the OVPN file you downloaded from your VPN server on the router and then see what happens.
I've just bought the Asus router and started to experiment. It still has the stock firmware, didn't change it, yet.
I've done some research and found that it is almost impossible (well, more impossible than possible) to have both the OpenVPN server and Client directed to the server (to OpenVPN server on the same router) in the same time. No VPN provider, just the VPN server setup on the router (it works wel from my computer through OpenVPN).
A solution would be to play with the Routing Table that would work unless the wan IP is not changed by ISP. Not easy to put it mildly to implement all this mess. Especially if your ISP changes the IP from time to time.

Anyway, Many thanks for the prompt reply to my thread.

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