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Olivier L

Regular Contributor
Is there a way to receive a notification (through an email) when someone connect to the VPN server 1 ?
I have seen in the log file I had in the past some tries (failed ones).



Very Senior Member
Sounds like you are using the default port for OpenVPN. Best to change that soon.


Part of the Furniture
ok thank U. did it. But also wanted to be able to be notified.
Use the OpenVPN Server --client-connect cmd_script_name directive.

(Definitely works under RMerlin firmware ......not sure if stock firmware allows use of OpenVPN scripting?)


Very Senior Member
Hmm, after reading the OpenVPN documentation, sounds to me like the client-connect directive is called only after a *successful* connection has been made, and therefore would NOT seem to address the issue of notification when a connection attempt fails. And I assume that's the primary concern here (if NOT, please clarify your intentions).

To be fair, I've never used it, but at least that's the way it reads to me.

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