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PAP (instead of CHAP) for pppoe

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Martin Fishkov

Regular Contributor
Hi All,
This has been an issue that comes and goes, but non of my searches gave me a recent solution:
I have an AC68U, FW 380_65
My provider insists I use pap to authenticate my pppoe (fiberglass) connection. My connection is systematically refused (or at least- I fail to connect).
My last hope is that I need to set authentication to pap- but the GUI does not have that option. (anymore? Apparently somewhere in 2015 this was added, according to some sources)
Any other way I can set this? I was hoping te additional pppd settings field would do something, but can't get it to work.
Strangely, on a borrowed N66U it did work??

Any hints are appreciated!!!
I really doubt that's the problem, there's some ISPs that need special options added to PPP connection, but if it worked great with a RT-N66U there's no reason not working with RT-AC68U, it's the same FW.

Isn't it? What FW version was flashed before on RT-N66U?
Same firmware, and you are right, it is strange. But then, if it weren't I guess I'd have figured it out by now? I read somewhere that chap is now default (and pap required), so it is one of the last comfortable clutching-straws.

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