Phone Adapter (ATA) SPA112 Issue - Possibly due to Android Phone USB Tethered WAN

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My internet provider is having a problem and internet is down for many people...Rogers cable for those interested. In any case, I USB tethered my Android phone to get my home network back up. All seemed to be working. I think I came across something that wasn't working and I believe I know why...but I don't know what to do in this case. I have a SPA112 telephone adapter behind the router which is not working now.

My WAN IP address when all is working is usually a public IP address. When the Android phone is USB tethered, the WAN address is a private IP address, 192.168.42.x My home network is also NAT'ed with 192.168.1.x subnet. I guess this is a double-nat situation.

I think the double-nat is the issue. I also just noticed that I can get incoming calls but not make outgoing calls.

Is there any way to confirm what the issue is and/or whether the double-nat is the issue? If so, what do you do in a double-nat situation? Is there a workaround?

Any help is appreciated.


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Found the problem. I was using the IP Restrictions feature from my VOIP provider. I had to put in the public IP address of the Android phone into the VOIP admin screens.

Problem solved.

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