Problem with XT8 - dropping connection every 45 seconds (ish)

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New Around Here
Hi folks! Having a fun challenge over the last few days. I love these routers, they are absolutely rock solid and have been performing great. Over the last 4 days though, I have had a few issues - with the network going off line then coming back up. The log keeps saying deauth/reauth and lots of other stuff I don't fully understand.

A few background info.
- I'm on Virgin Media with a brand new SuperHub 3 (replaced yesterday by an Engineer) to eliminate any issues there.
- They confirmed incoming signal is correct and consistent
- The virgin box is in Modem Mode
- I have 3 XT8, all connected via ethernet on the dedicated wired backhaul.
- I factory reset all 3 (using the reset button) and re-built the network from the ground up over the last few days
- i have c50 devices, a mix of wired/wireless etc

When the new firmware comes out, I typically keep it updated. I recall updating recently, but no immediate issues straight away, The latest version which I was on is - (here -

- that said, I rolled back to - on all 3 in case this was the issue. I don't recall any issues with this version at all

I'm trying to work out from the system log a number of the error messages to see if they are related. I have pasted a small section (last few mins) of the log. Should I be worried about things like the following (extracted a few things that recur regulalry)

- Feb 18 07:37:05 kernel: net_ratelimit: 799 callbacks suppressed
- Feb 18 07:37:02 kernel: _enet_arl_write_ext:L3155 Error - can't find the requested ARL entry
- Feb 18 07:37:13 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(499): eth4: Disassoc 94:9F:3E:DE:AF:A3, status: 0, reason: Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) BSS (8), rssi:0
- Feb 18 07:40:24 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(482): eth4: Deauth_ind 94:10:3E:D3:68:9D, status: 0, reason: Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station (7), rssi:0
- Feb 18 07:40:37 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(518): eth4: Auth 94:10:3E:D3:68:9D, status: Successful (0), rssi:0
- Feb 18 07:40:37 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(482): eth4: Deauth_ind 94:10:3E:D3:68:9D, status: 0, reason: Unspecified reason (1), rssi:0

Any insights from more experienced folks or others that have had similar issues. Much appreciated! before the family throw me out!.

Many thanks! Nigel


New Around Here
Hi. I've had a lot of issues with the latest firmware for the XT8, disconnections, rebootings, dual and triple DHCP servers on a single XT8 unit - have normally 4 in a mesh. No help from Asus Support, had to roll back to firmware as well to get a stable network.


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I went nuclear, the only comment from support was upgrade everything and then come back to us. I did this, pulled my entire network apart and re-built from the ground up - device by device. Its now working and the logs are not getting full of gibberish!

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