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  1. S

    PCVR Asus XT8 AiMesh local network traffic path

    I have 2 Asus XT8 devices. One of the devices is connected to an ADSL modem and serves as the main router. The other is on the second floor and works as a node and connects to the main router via WI-FI. The node is connected to the PC via a cable and the Meta Quest 3 via WI-FI. As you know...
  2. Quan

    Wireguard performance on ASUS XT8 running VPN client

    I have an XT8 running the latest Merlin firmware (GNUTON build). On this XT8, I have a VPN client running Wireguard. With Wireguard on, download and upload speeds are both 200 Mbps. Video passing through wireguard on the router is very choppy and frequently buffers. When I install wireguard...
  3. L

    "Fun" with SAMBA on XT8 Mesh LAN (It's not working!)

    Two upfront confessions: I am a complete noob with this topic, and whilst I am IT literate, a lot of the relevant networking terminology I just don't know (For example: with as simple a thing as "\\server\share" I'm not sure exactly what each thing is, even though it's obvious! Don't get me...
  4. SirLouen

    ZenWifi XT8 w/ Gnuton, weird Wifi Issues

    I currently have 4 ZenWifi XT8 with Gnuton's firmware. Technically it's completely irrelevant that I use Gnuton's firmware becuase the issue I'm describing here happened both with the original firmware and with this one, so it doesn't seem anything to do with firmwares itself Thing is that it's...
  5. S

    Asus XT8 mesh set up settings

    I have Fios gig speed. Running with ASUS XT8 4ea. Curious if 562 down /165 up is normal or is there a setting I need to tweak. Any help would be appreciated. Never wired setting. Only off iPhone and MB PRO
  6. S

    Asus XT8 Optimization Advice

    I have a ZenWifi XT8 setup in my small one story home (~1800 sq ft). The node is connected via wired backhaul. I've segregated my IOT devices on a separate Guest Network and now I'm trying to decide how best to optimize the bands. Currently I have separate SSIDs for the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. I've...
  7. sherl0k

    Local devices on separate XT8 nodes cannot talk to each other?

    Setup is as so: Fiber internet-->primary XT8 uplink. Local IP Ethernet port of primary XT8 -> secondary XT8 uplink. Local IP Using the ethernet backhaul, so no wireless devices here. Server connected off of primary XT8: Client connected off of secondary...
  8. A

    Asus XT8 or Asus ET8?

    Hey all, wanted to get your thoughts on these two routers. First off a little bit about my needs, I have a 1000 down/30 up connection from my ISP (currently being heavily underutilized because of the very very old wireless router that I had laying around). My house is an older (~1960s) 2-storey...
  9. S

    Verizon Fios, ZenWifi XT's and how to best use Ethernet cables.

    Dear all, First thank you to the many folks who have posted various ZenWifi XT8 threads - it has been very helpful for me. I have some questions and want to break this down to most easily explain my house and what I had vs what I am able to do as of now (Thank you in advance and apologies if...
  10. S

    ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 horrendously slow speeds and connectivity issues.

    Hi guys! Less than a month ago I bought the ZenWifi 2-pack and I installed it in my 81 m2 apartment. I thought that since the apartment has a bit of an unusual structure, I would definitely need a mesh network to get better coverage and above all else - speed. I was shocked to find out that...
  11. N

    Asus XT8 new setup problem

    Just got 2 units XT8 and after initial setup update popup so I decided to run it. Well that was a mistake. After update my main node stop working. only keep showing solid "blue" light and no matter what and how I did can't pass initial setup anymore. it just stuck with "connect your router" even...
  12. M

    Time Scheduling on Guest Network - ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

    Hi All, I want to use Time scheduling to ensure the kids' off-time during night. I also put my kids on the guest-network to protect the devices on my home-network from threads. So I bought the ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) that allows both and even more. I found, that scheduling works on the...
  13. cafesociety

    Asus ZenWifi XT8 - wifi speeds after latest firmware update

    A week ago i took delivery of the twin pack of XT8's. After doing much research and watching countless videos and reading several reviews i'd decided that this route would hopefully give me the stable network i so desired. I unboxed and configured the kit and was up and running in 10 minutes -...
  14. nigelwalsh

    Problem with XT8 - dropping connection every 45 seconds (ish)

    Hi folks! Having a fun challenge over the last few days. I love these routers, they are absolutely rock solid and have been performing great. Over the last 4 days though, I have had a few issues - with the network going off line then coming back up. The log keeps saying deauth/reauth and...
  15. 0

    Asus XT8 newbie questions

    Hi all, quick newbie question with my new Asus xt8 mesh system at home. 1. I have an FTTH 1gb Connection from my isp and a Fritzbox 5490 that came with it. As unfortunately I can’t run the Fritzbox in bridge mode I have currently configured the first xt8 (connected via lan into the wan port)...
  16. H

    ZenWifi does not recognize USB drive.

    Replacing an aged Airport Extreme network, I just installed a new XT8 system and added a RT-AX56U as a third node. While trying to attach a Mac OS Extended external USB drive to the AX56U, I found that the drive was not recognized in the router interface. Is that because of the drive format...
  17. P

    Asus XT8 Major WiFi Issues

    So this is my last ditch effort before I use AMEX to file an insurance claim on defective equipment. ASUS support has been dragging out my case since July and keeps asking for me to submit the same information over and over and now they are claiming it is a hardware issue and I have to pay to...