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RAID migration and Expension

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I have a N7700 Thecus 7 BAY NAS. I am currently on fireware v2.01.09.

I currently have 5 x 1TB harddrives on RAID 5. I would like to know if I swap 1 of the drive to 1.5TB, will the system automatically format it for me?

If now I have 6 harddisk in my N7700, will I be able to migrate from RAID5 to RAID6?

Anybody who can help me?

Thank you

I have a N7700 myself, too. I don't believe you can upgrade from RAID 5 to RAID 6. The user manual clearly states you can upgrade from RAID 0 up to RAID 5.

As for total capacity, if you have 5 x 1TB harddrives on RAID 5, your total capacity is 4TB. If you swap one for 1.5TB HDD, your total storage capacity is still 4 TB.

Reply to Vino:

Once you have swap a existing hard drive, the system will run auto rebuild for you.

Unfortunately you will not be able to migrate from RAID 5 to RAID 6, but you can migrate all 6 disks to RAID 5.

Good luck!
If you are using Raid 5 with 5 x 1TB hard drive, you can replace to 1.5TB. The system will rebuild for you. But for Raid 5 it will use the lowest capacity hard drive... in your case still 1TB. So it's not much useful to do so unless you replace all hard drives to 1.5TB one by one.

If you need extra space, why not just insert another 1TB HDD? For N7700 it can support up to 7 HDD ( or 6 HDD in Raid5 with one as redundant).

Raid expansion only work on Raid1 to Raid 5. Raid5 to Raid6 can't be done.

Hope this help~ ;)
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