ReadySHARE USB Printer replacement (Windows)

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Maybe this could be useful:

I had to move my USB printer to other room. Initially it was attached to the Linux PC and I/my family were able to perform the remote (network) printing.

NETGEAR provides so called ReadySHARE Printer possibility for Windows/Mac clients suggesting to install their ReadySHARE Printer utility.

I lost a lot of time trying to make it workable (USB printer attached to USB port of NG router ) with this utility.

But I succeed to reach the goal for my Windows 10 clients in LAN using:

Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2

Works fine. It just adds the printer to the list of printers in the system. Printer was found in few seconds. No any headache.


This info could useful who needs to attach his/her USB printer to the router to share among LAN clients. No NG soft is needed to install to your clients.



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Does your printer have a LAN port? If so, do as me. Hook the printer with a network cable to the router. Prints flawlessly here and I've never had issues (I use CUPS on Linux)


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No LAN port. CUPS does not work because of ARM CPU. Only x86/AMDx64. Ok for PC but not router.
So pure USB port printer. No sense to change it for me.



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Well, I have in my mind: PPD driver for CUPS (concretely my printer driver) requires ELF executable (x86 or x64). So CUPS does not work if I connect the printer to the router.

With Apple service Bonjour everything is fine w/o any CUPS/NG Share PRINT/etc. W/o Entware or router configuration or installation of NG (damn) software.

Common solution. Valid for all printers with USB ports connected to NG routers.

Thank you,


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RPi would work out very nicely as a PrintServer over both Windows and Mac

Check the google, but here's a nice walk-thru...

and yes, CUPS and Samba are part of that solution

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