replacement for Netgear 6700v3 (Fresh Tomato) with focus on QoS

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background story (skip if not interested ;) )
currently I use a Netgear R6700v3 with latest FreshTomato firmware on it.
Unfortunately the W-LAN performance isn´t great and QoS looses it´s seetings (so it seems).
Also some settings regarding my Plex Server get lost frequently...very annoing!
Tried DD-WRT too, but it´s almost the same with that...QoS sucks and looses settings...

I used a bunch of WRT54G/GS in the past, so I thought, maybe give Linksys a try with the WRT3200ACM.
Big mistake! stock firmware was useless and with OpenWRT and DD-WRT the 5GHz wasn´t working correctly!

So now I don´t know what I should get.
In the past I had an old Netgear R7000 router with Merlin FW, worked like a charm.
Therefore I thought, maybe a router from Asus is what I need...

Here are my requirements (prioritized):
  1. QoS
  2. W-LAN performance/range/stability
  3. GB Ports (at least 4)
  4. 3rd party FW support

I found the "RT-AC88U" and "RT-AX82U" that would fit my budget of about 200 Euro.
QoS seems to work very well on Asus devices...or isn´t it?


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RT-AC86U, RT-AX88U, or RT-AX86U for greater than 100Mbps up/down (symmetrical) ISP connections or if the lowest latency is important.

Along with amtm and FlexQoS or CakeQoS as fits your needs. (Note that those QoS scripts may hamper greater than 500Gbps connections, even if they give a better experience otherwise).

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