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Need urgent help with home internet w/ RT-AC68U! Willing to do anything to get this fixed!

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New Around Here
Issue: Bufferfloat

At first I thought it was just an unreliable "cellular home-internet" ISP thing, but overtime I have learned that my issue stems not from cellular data hiccups -- but from a primarily upload bufferfloat with a bit of download bufferfloat. Sometimes when I Discord stream and use just the tiniest bit of upload speed, I see my connection stay at 500ms ping constant. The second that I stop streaming, or people turn their iCloud syncing off, my ping goes down to a constant and reliable 40-50ms -- and sometimes I test this and use NetLimiter on my PC to limit my upload speed I'm using and it lowers my overall ping substantially. It's gotten so bad that when I like to online game, I have to plug my phone in and use my LTE Visible hotspot (which grants me 40 ping without any spikes at all) -- but I'm stuck at 6 Mb/s down and 1.5Mb/s up.

What I'm asking for help with: Is there anyway I can get Cake QoS running on my AC68P/U? I have already used Merlin's built-in QoS with multiple different bandwith settings and numbers and it just isn't working. I know it's not supported for Merlin or forks of Merlin -- but I'm just generally asking if there's anyway I can get it under any means necessary regardless of which firmware I have to use. Sadly, I've already spent a bit on this router and I'm stuck with it for a bit so I don't mind switching firmwares to OpenWRT, ddwrt, FreshTomato (or other firmwares I don't know of) and if I could get some help doing that, I'd really appreciate it.

Provider -
T-Mobile Home Internet (gateway has radio disabled and is running to my AC68P -- I'm also stuck with this ISP cause it's the only thing offered in my area until we get Fiber)
Current model - RT-AC68P/U
Firmware - Asuswrt-Merlin on 386.12_4
Deja vu all over again.
Deja vu all over again.

Sorry for writing this again, I forgot to mention that I couldn't seem to get FreshTomato working on my AC68P/U. As you can see by the dates, I'm still stuck with this 2 months later haha. Is anyone here experienced with getting FreshTomato on this router?
IMHO, today, in the wide world of internet networking there is a game that is being played that I would call “Pass the Buffer-bloat”. In most cases, local connection characteristics can be the root cause, like in your case. Appropriate queueing at the local level may reduce Buffer-bloat but could also negatively impact an end user’s experience in other ways.

Buffer-bloat can also occur as a result of congestion somewhere in the end to end network connections, varying speeds in the end to end network connections, or just a poor network design. Realize that the various internet connection points don’t want to pay for memory needed to store a packet until confirmation is received from the next hop that it was received successfully. Rather they pass on a packet to the next hop and then move on to send the next which speeds up the internet overall. The theory is let the end points ask for retransmissions. Additionally, the more hops you have between end points the greater the potential for poorer overall network performance.

The best gaming experience can only obtained by plugging directly into the gaming server, eliminating the network altogether. Now your gaming experiences will be at the mercy of server itself.
I forgot to mention that I couldn't seem to get FreshTomato working on my AC68P/U

RT-AC68U runs fine on FreshTomato, but your chances to fix with QoS fluctuating speed and latency mobile Internet are slim.

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